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We are an independent insurance agency that offers multiple companies where we can compare rates and coverages so we can tailor your policy to fit your needs. Whether it’s for your Car, your Home or the vehicles you use in your business.

Downpayments as low as $48.00

Policy Review

Bring us your policy even if it’s from another insurance agent or a company we don’t represent. Let us take a look at what you’re paying for and see if that is the same as what you asked. We can advise you regarding rates and if you want we’ll even shop it around to the companies we write business with. Insurance is confusing enough, let us help you.


Bonds and other "Stuff"

Need a Bond? Don’t understand how that works or what it is? Come on in and let us help. We can also help you with coverage for your business. 

Have licensing problems here or in another state? We can help you with that also. With over 30 years of experience I seen a variety of problems that people have and we’re always available to help you get back on track.

From FREE to $100 or more!

We hate insurance

Well, we don’t so much hate insurance as we hate how complicated it is for someone to purchase the coverage that’s right for them. There are a lot of Tips, Tricks and Secrets in the insurance industry and we’re ready to expose them all.

30+ years experience

Great Reviews

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