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About the Bucket Run!

The Lake Eufaula Sailboat Bucket Run began as an idea born under the stars as two sailors wondered how they could get a bunch of sailboats together for some friendly competition and to "just see a bunch of sailboats on the water". A year later the first Bucket Run took place as it has every year since then. We're now making plans for our 6th year. We've made lots of friends, had a ton of fun and in the process learned a little bit about sailing.

The Bucket Run is a unique sail boat race for inland waters. It's a point to point race and not your run of the mill "round the buoys" race. The course is 14 miles in each direction and it is not without some very real challenges. The race begins along the beaches and outside the entrance to Eufaula Cove Marine. It heads mostly east and enters "The Narrows". A part of the lake where Oklahoma's gentle giant, and one of the largest man made lakes in the world, narrows down to only about a quarter mile wide as the surrounding hills push the entire flow of the rivers feedling the lake into a narrow pass between the hills.



 It's here that the Bucket Run has been won or lost every year since the beginning. Despite the challenges of The Narrows most competitors will still have a huge smile on their face as they cross the finish line each day."This race is a committment!" was the only comment heard from a certain entrant the first year he was in the Bucket Run. That sailor didn't let that stop him and he's been seen around the Bucket Run more than once. In fact, once most sailors complete the entire two days they are hooked and always return. From catamarans to club racers, from brand new to 100 year old designs, the Lake Eufaula Sail Boat Bucket Run is a sailboat race for every kind of sailboat. But, when the final boat crosses the finish line on Sunday the only thing you can be absolutely certain of is that you've made some new friends, re-established old friendships and will have lots of stories to tell until next year.



On the left side of the map the small red dot marks Eufaula Cove Marina where registration will take place. On the right side of the map the small red dot marks Evergreen Marina where boats can stay the night (and the crews can enjoy free pizza). The course is the orange line and is approximately 14 miles long.


Registration will take place the evening of the 18th at Eufaula Cove Marina in the restaurant. Charlie's Lakeside Grill will have live music and GREAT food during registration. Sailboats will be tied up all around the restaurant and as usual available for a "good look over. Registration starts around 8 and will run as long as necessary or when we go to bed.

The small boat class will cross the start line outside the entrance to Eufaula Cove at 10:00 am on Saturday morning the 19th. The small boat class will consist of boats with a PHRF of 200 or more. HOWEVER, some boats with skippers that are capable will be placed in the large boat class that will start at 10:15 am. Classes and start times will be assigned at registration on the 18th.

After the finish for the first day there will be free pizza and live music on the "chillin dock" at Evergreen Marina. You'll have to provide your own liquid refreshment. The marina store has plenty to offer, including ice, for those that find themselves running short. There are plenty of places around the marina to tie up OR if you wish to have a place to plug in there are slips available for rent for the night.

On the 20th the small boat class will once again start at 10:00 am for the run back to Eufaula Cove. The large boat class will once again start at 10:15 am. for the run back to the buoys at Eufaula Cove.

The awarding of the buckets will take place at Gators on the afternoon of the 20th. Time for the awards will be announced once the last boats have crossed the line. Tentatively set for 3:00 pm.

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail cliff@tuckerdowning.com

Last years Pics!

This is a link to the directory that has a LOT of last years pics in it. The pictures are not posted to any kind of page so the link takes you to a directory with a list of all the pics. There are no thumbnails or any type of preview so you'll have to do a lot of clicking a looking. There are hidden within the list some pretty good pics along with some pretty bad ones....

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